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"I love Venus in Capricorn" - God Star ...this sign has a bad rep.

First about the Archetype: The Sea-Goat: Emotional Stability

"Although Capricorn is an Earth sign, the Sea-Goat embodies both the water and the Earth elements. Its fish tail allows it to take in the spiritual energy contained in the crystallized minerals in the Earth as it borrows its way to the deep subterranean sea. It is this profound connection with its emotional roots that gives the Sea-Goat the stability and patience necessary for its climb up the mountain of life. It is the acknowledgment of its emotions as the expression of its Soul that leads it to discover its destiny path."

"At the spiritual level Capricorn is symbolized by the unicorn, the fighting and triumphant creature of myth and fantasy. The goat has two horns and the unicorn one. The single straight horn of the unicorn represents the penetrating spiritual vision of the brow chakra or third eye. The goat/unicorn imagery symbolises the Capricorn journey from duality and worldly ambition to one-pointedness, vision and spiritual aspiration."

The spiritual climb...

When your Venus is in Capricorn, you are generally steadfast and deliberate in love, finding safety and comfort in all that is tried and true. You can be on the cautious side about sharing your heart, but your reliability as a partner is hard to resist for many people.

You act respectfully in love, and take extra care not to hurt a partner. For that matter, you take extra care not to get hurt yourself! This self-protective quality can sometimes frustrate your partner, simply because you are not very comfortable with letting yourself go on a romantic level. Once your defenses are down (at least some of them), you are a warm, tender, and even vulnerable lover.

Things are at their best in your relationships when your partner understands that you show your emotions and care through actions rather than words. What appears to be a certain coolness, aloofness, or even snobbishness actually hides a fair amount of vulnerability and warmth. When you feel safe and comfortable with someone, you are far more demonstrative.

Yours is a strong sensuality. You attract others with a quiet charm that fairly reeks with competence. There is a controlled manner about you when it comes to love, and potential partners can sense it. It can drive them wild if they are so inclined! You are attracted to a partner who is responsible and respectable. Someone who is passionate may at once scare you and appeal to you, and these conflicting emotions and reactions can lead to quite a powerful attraction.

Perhaps a passionate person is exactly what you need to loosen up a little. You have much to offer others, and your dependability is sure to be appreciated in the long haul. For those who are up to the challenge, discovering the earthy sensuality and vulnerability inside you will be a tremendous reward. They will have to win your trust, and a little persistence will certainly help.

Having Venus in Capricorn makes you trustworthy, loyal and interesting because you usually have something fascinating to say most of the time. But it is the fact that you set such high standards for yourself and prospective partners that is often the root of any disagreements. You don't just want a partner in the sense of a companion to share evenings with in front of a fire, you want a partner in the sense of a...well...a partner, an associate, a collaborator, someone with whom you can conquer the world and reach levels of success everyone else dreams of.

The great thing about having Venus in Capricorn is you get better with age. The more you experience, the less cautious you become and more fun to be around

If you have Venus in Capricorn in your birth chart, when you go into "flirt mode" you tend to "act to attract" in some of the following ways:
Reputable. You try to impress the one you desire with your reputation, position, job title, career, social standing, or wealth. You appear "respectable" yourself, and act "respectful" of the one you desire.

Responsible. You attract the one you desire by being reliable, solid, and supportive. You may offer to take over some of their "responsibilities" for them so that they come to depend on your support.

Mature. You appear self-disciplined, competent, and "in control". You may act like a "parent figure" to a less mature person - or appear to appreciate the "maturity" of one you desire.

Material. You show you can offer attractive practical or material benefits - such as financial support and security, a good home, and the finer things in life.

Committed. You seem very willing to make commitments, such as to a friendship or long-term relationship; or seem to be "marriage-minded". You act like one who "plays for keeps" and will be forever faithful.

Reserved. You appear aloof and intriguingly inscrutable; or look like "a loner". You may attract one who is afraid of emotions; or a more "feeling" person who wants to break through the emotional barrier you have erected.
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    Venus in Capricorn

    A very potent and deeply significant position. This is very much a combination of the First, Third and Seventh Rays, and reveals a direct mental line for the externalisation of Love from "place where the Will of God is known" to the outer world. The soul-centred individual with this placement is always at work creating structures and interconnections between people, nations, and world resources, so that the sustaining and cohesive qualities of loving intelligence may manifest for the collective benefit of all.

    This is the sign in which Mind is irradiated by Divinity - a process which is very much a part of initiatic fusion. Personality centred people with Venus in Capricornin their horoscopes wish to know people at the apex of the social ladder. On the soul-centred level, a person with Venus in Capricorn is aware of his or her relationship with the One on the Mountaintop.

    Venus in Capricorn : The Soul-centered individual with this placement is always at work creating structures and interconnections between people for the greater good of all. AsCapricorn is an earthy sign, the nature of this work usually involves the right use of material resources. Any planet in the sign of the Goat is said to “culminate”. This means that the ability for it to express its hidden potential and greatest strength is available in the present incarnation.

    When Venus in Capricorn is functioning on the personality level, people usually want to know others in high places or wish to be there themselves in order to take advantage of the many social perks that are usually present. On the Soul level, these “high places” are initiatic peaks of consciousness, permitting the individual to serve with all the Loving Will that this position bestows. It is here that Soul purpose is found.

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      Your Esoteric Quality.

      Life Is, As We Choose To See It.

      Remember Superman's ability to see past superficial appearances to get to the heart of things. Yet he was the master of disguises, keeping up appearances to protect his identity.

      In one sense, our appearance protects our identity but it also isolates us from others. In a fully developed isolated perspective of ourselves we cast judgment on others and our reality, so that we can no longer see past the superficial appearances of things.

      The phase of being a Capricorn is to come to understand these judgments have kept us safe but also kept us isolated, and to begin the renewing phase that reunites us.

      As a Capricorn your separate identity was built on the task of overcoming worry and anxiety about material supply by learning to transform problems into opportunities. But since fearfulness holds us to what we have, our reality confirms our suspicions, and blinds us to the spiritual concepts that give us the ability to perceive the inner qualities.

      With an over-focus on materiality and the cautious executive ability that can make you successful, there is a tendency to carry that cautious attitude into everything your do [Perhaps Caution in Love], and thus project that motive onto others. And when you combine that, with the fearfulness that blocks our ability to change, it results in an unconscious need to suffer.

      When you can trace your suffering to the misinterpretations and immaturity that have caused the situation and see your motivation, you can then transmute the problem and laugh at yourself.

      The process begins with tracing your suffering, acknowledging your motivation, and then laughing at yourself. This process brings the pain to full awareness and begins the renewing phase where you can begin to see the Tempter as the Redeemer. And when you can look into your own heart for the source of your troubles - real transmutation begins.

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        Your Key To Transformation.

        "Living Outwardly while Loving Inwardly"

        Renewal: Appearances change with our Conceptions.

        Renewal is the mind purified of the bondage to appearances. All appearances are the outer expression of inner conditions and cosmic sources of power. Judging by the appearance of things leads to bondage to the appearance, which are really just your misinterpretations that become your chains that block seeing the true source of power.

        Venus - your motivation.

        Venus, the ruler of the next earth sign Taurus, magnifies your desires and emotional propensities. Its dual influence causes the need for beauty and perfection physically and the need to resolve the impure concepts spiritually.

        Its' beneficial influence expended merely physically can force you to abide to custom and formality; saying the right thing without offending, carrying out your duties and managing your affairs tactfully - all motivated from your 'judging by appearances' attitude.

        Spiritually its' influence imbues you with a detached perspective, where you can tap into constructive and creative energy and use it to drive you to accomplish worthwhile things. This allows you to accomplish great things and benefit others in a material way.

        Your Key To Wholeness.
        Breaking the Bondage to Appearances.

        Your opposite sign Cancer, is the sign of 'nurturing' - the capacity to care for others in a dedicated fashion. Most Cancers' are devoted to family, and dote on caring for them. But when family grows up or leaves them they revert to a deep insecurity, and then issues of abandonment or being left behind motivates then to instill guilt on those that abandon them (and we all have Cancer qualities). Their 'nurturing' energy is still at an immature level of mind and they need to learn to care for others without letting their insecurity bind them too closely to others.

        The antidote for this deep insecurity is to turn inward and to develop inner faith for something beyond man, materials, and people.

        As a Capricorn your 'nurturing' energy has become greatly stabilized, and your devotion and dedication has evolved and directed toward materialistic striving.

        Your ability to 'care' has become projected onto the goals and the things that you believe are worth binding yourself to - but still, out of the need for security. The guilt that the Cancer instilled on others during their caring, has transmuted in the Capricorn to where others can benefit in a material way once Capricorns are secure within themselves and begin to feel responsible for others.

        It is not until the subconscious level is purified of our false interpretation of appearances, through the bondage that resulted from attaching and binding our self to appearances, that the chains to appearances are broken. Not until the ego finds nothing left on which to hold its devotion, and begins to laugh at itself, out of the exhaustion from creating the false walls of security, that actually separated us from everything we loved.

        Laughing at our personality, its fears, its animalistic strivings, and its' superficial interpretations, begin to break the chains that created the illusion of separateness. Although the nurturing energy of a Capricorn is well developed and has begun to be demonstrated in concepts of responsibility and accomplishment, it is not until the separative motive that remains is overcome. And only by a life of dedication to the value of spiritual concepts and higher wisdom is the fear that couches itself as seeking material security, put at bay.

        Concepts of responsibility, diplomacy, and ambition have a greater meaning when viewed from a spiritual perspective, and truly understanding these spiritual concepts are beyond self-seeking and separative motives. For merging with the higher mind, or anything else, is impossible if you feel yourself as separate - and separateness is the cause of all fear and insecurity.

        True merging with the higher self can not take place without the purging of the 'separative' quality of personality that is deep in the unconscious level of the mind. For personality to transform and loosen its grip, it must battle the insecurity that fear creates. And it is only through the faith that ensues from battling the fears, is the insecurity overcome.

        Spiritual faith is a heart issue - not understood by the intellect. It takes a psychochemical change to make the shift, which is brought about through a life dedicated to a higher reality. This dedication acts as a subconscious signal that eventually shifts the sense of self through a chemical process, out of the conflict of separateness, and the elimination of fear - and a renewed perception of personality, as a servant of the One Self.

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          Capricorn gives us the picture of the human being, feet on the ground, rooted in the earth experience, but running free and scaling the heights of worldly ambition or spiritual aspiration, according to the individual's level of realisation. This ambition/aspiration is a response to a perception of the driving need and desire for satisfaction:

          As the Goat, he is man, the earthly, human, greedy seeker after the satisfaction of desire, or man, the equally selfish aspirant hunting for the satisfaction of aspiration.

          So although Capricorn is the birthplace of the Christ and the scene of the emergence of the Fifth Kingdom (the Kingdom of Souls). It is also a sign of great desire and materialism. Capricorn can express the worst and the best of humankind; it is a sign of extremes. Esoterically, all world saviours and Sun Gods are born in Capricorn. But so are the worst of beings, characterised by materialism, cruelty, pride, ambition and egoism, whose heads rule their hearts. In the perfect example of Capricorn, the head and the heart are in balance.

          The keynotes of Capricorn all relate to the crystallization process. Capricorn is an earth sign, reflecting the most dense point of human experience; belonging to the earthy triplicity, Capricorn holds the seeds of death and finality which are a feature of life on earth.

          When crystallisation has reached a certain degree of density it is easily shattered. The individual born in Capricorn brings about his own destruction owing to his fundamentally materialistic nature (plus the blows of fate which enact karma). Again and again, a certain concreteness is achieved only to be destroyed.

          Capricorn is the sign of completion and conclusion: the mountain top. It marks the point beyond which further ascent in any life cycle is not possible. As progress is impossible, there is a descent to the valley of pain, despair and death before a fresh attempt to scale the heights is mounted. Therefore,Capricorn is the sign in which a new cycle of effort is inaugurated:

          Effort, strain, struggle, the fight with the forces native to the underworld, or the strenuous conditions entailed by the tests of discipleship or initiation -- these are distinctive of experience in Capricorn.
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            Saturn is the orthodox and the esoteric ruler of Capricorn. One of the most potent of the four Lords of Karma, Saturn forces the individual to face up to the past and, in the present, prepare for the future. Such is the intention and purpose of karmic opportunity. From certain angles Saturn can be regarded as the Dweller on the Threshold that humanity has to face. The Dweller on the Threshold is illusion-glamour-maya, the sum-total of the forces of the lower self prior to illumination and initiation. The Dweller stands beside the Angel of Presence, the two representing the complex duality that is synthesised on the Path of Initiation.

            The great mountaintop experiences described in the Bible all relate to Capricorn. Moses as the Lawgiver on Sinai represents Saturn in Capricornimposing the Law of Karma upon the people. The Mount of Transfiguration in the New Testament is Venus in Capricorn, when love, mind and will meet in the person of Christ and he is transfigured. The Christ, born in Capricorn, fulfilled the law of the Father under Saturn and initiated a new era of intelligent brotherhood under Venus. The Christ is the perfect example of the Capricorn initiate who becomes the world server in Aquarius and world saviour in Pisces.

            Capricorn rules the knees physically, but also symbolically. Only when the Capricorn subject learns to kneel in all humility on the rocky mountain top and offers heart and life to the soul and to human service can he be permitted to pass through the door of initiation and entrusted with secrets of life. Only on his knees can he go through that door.

            Capricorn is opposite Cancer and these constellations are the two great gates of the zodiac. Cancer opens the door to incarnation, mass life and human experience. Capricorn opens the door into the life of spirit and the Kingdom of God. Cancer admits the soul to Humanity, Capricorn to the Hierarchy. stands ever open, but for aeons the door of incarnation in Cancer is preferred as ambition urges us from life to life. This is the secret of rebirth. Eventually disappointed by the worthlessness of earthly gratification we begin to orient ourselves towards the gradual growth of spiritual ambition and the desire for liberation. In Capricorn the initiate comes to spiritual awareness, demonstrated in Aquarius as the world server and in Pisces as the world saviour.
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              so that's why my knees hurt.. Good read. :-)
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                thank you so much! there is tons of stuff here... so i read half and will digest that and return to

                venus is a planet i am still trying to grasp with my ascendant in libra, cappy venus conjunct IC, square ascendant &12H pluto and square descendant & 7th house chiron... but this venus retro is throwing me a doozy... argh


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